Miku'd at Sea: Part 1 is the sixth book in Series 1

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  • Emma Ross
  • Izaru Tota
  • Councelors
  • Bertram


The Ross family is going with Amber on a trip to her first big concert in Japan. Along the way, they meet a young lady with no sense of who she is. Luke falls for her. They think her name is "Ember", but that proves to be false. When Ravi announces that Ember is a mermaid, Ember jumps into the sea and proves Ravi to be correct. Once she jumps in, she calls out that her name is Asharitsu and that she is Japanese. A few minutes later, Krystal falls out.


I'm a mermaid! No, really!
— Ember/Asharitsu
I'm worried about Krystal.
— Ravi Ross
Amber: I seriously hope you don't think paintball is romantic, Luke. (grumbles "Especially not when I have to sing something with Len Kagamine in Japan")
Luke: (scoffs) Of course not!
— Luke Ross and Amber Sterling