Mark My Words, That Kid's The Aljar! ​is the second book in Series 1.


​Main CharactersEdit

  • Amber
  • Ravi Ross
  • Zuri Ross
  • Emma Ross
  • Xander McCormick
  • Lou Hockhauser
  • Izaru Tota

​Absent CharactersEdit

  • Jessie Prescott
  • Luke Ross
  • Kaiah Louise McDermott
  • Bertram Winkle

​Guest CharactersEdit

  • Calyssa the Fox from Pixxet


When Amber finds out she is the Aljar, her world turns upside down. Ravi is determined to put a cap on the Aljar mystery, but things turn awry when Calyssa warns them that the Aljar's Heart is trying to turn the rest of the Ross family and their nanny (and butler) against them. After finding out that Izaru Tota has flown in to visit, Ravi runs away. Izaru Tota finds Ravi and convinces him to go back to Amber, much to the boy's displeasure. Emma, however, gets sent to Kalos and is not sent back yet.

Goofs Edit

  • references 'Let it Go' from 'Frozen'
  • Izaru mis-pronounces Ravi's middle name
  • the planet Kalos is named after the region Kalos in POKEMON.
  • This is the first time Amber froze a fellow camper. This is also the only time Amber called on her friend Buckler.


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